Soon into their battle, Recca's friend Fuko smashes her opponent, Uruha-Kurenai's Mikoto, and discovers that she has been fighting a machine. The girl controlling it swipes Fuko with her poisonous metal claw, and out of carelessness, Fuko takes a scratch that leaves her with only five minutes to live!

Above from volume's back cover
First released in English: September 2005
Characters featured on cover: Kurei, Mikoto, Kai, Joker, and Noroi

Chapter 128: Cunning

When the referee says that Mikoto should be disqualified she attacks the referee. Fuuko quickly stops her and takes her down. Mikoto then tricks her into letting her guard down. Once Fuuko has her back turned, Mikoto scratches her with her claws. The claws have poison that kills within minutes.

Chapter 129: Poisonous Fang

The poison of Mikoto's madogu, Poison Needle, starts working on Fuuko, slowing her down and draining her strength. Only another madogu can stop the poison. Mikoto says that she doesn't have the madogu with her. Fuuko gets a hold of one of the claws and cuts Mikoto with it. Mikoto brings out the antidote madogu, but Fuuko snatches and uses it to heal herself.

Chapter 130: Cruelty

Fuuko calls Fuujin out to destroy Mikoto's madogu. Fuuko beats Mikoto, or so she thinks. Mikoto attacks the referee, Enna, so she can't announce the winner. She holds Fuuko down and orders a countdown. Fuuko loses.

Chapter 131: The Real Winner

Fuuko gets angry and attacks Mikoto, intending to kill her. Domon stops her. Keishu tells Fuuklo that she was the real winner, and Mikoto just cheated. The crowd agrees.

Chapter 132: Thin Air

Kaoru enters the ring to fight Joker. Recca is still struggling to beat the old man. He calls out Nadare and Homura together, but he can't control them. The old man explains that he can't randomly summon any two dragons without getting the backlash. The old man reveals himself as Koku, one of the eight dragons.

Chapter 133: The Trump Card

Kaoru attacks Joker but Joker evades, the two are equally matched.

Chapter 134: Joker's Special Move

Kaoru attacks Joker again, but Joker stops Kaoru in mid-air. Kaoru attacks again and Joker stops each attempt without any effort. Kaoru realizes that the Kogon Ankin's weight changed during one of his attempts at attacking Joker. Kaoru figures out Joker's secret.

Chapter 135: Free Spirit

Joker's madogu, Taishaku Kaiten, can change gravity. But even though he knows about it, Kaoru's attempts don't get any better. Kaoru asks why Joker cut Saicho since he was ordered to cut Kaoru. Joker says it was because his hand slipped.

Chapter 136: The Savior

Kaoru starts getting desperate to beat Joker, his desire for revenge begins to cloud his judgment. He tries to transform Kogon Ankin, but can't concentrate enough, causing the transformation to mess up. When Joker has Kaoru, the paper crane that Saicho gave Kaoru for luck falls out of his pocket. The crane hits Joker on the head hard because the gravity made it heavy. Joker releases Kaoru and Saicho appears. Showing Kaoru that he's ok and that he can focus on winning the fight for his team and not for him.

Chapter 137: The Legendary Mode

Kaoru, now knowing that Saicho is okay, can fight with a clear head. Kaoru remembers when he messed up transforming the Kogon Ankin. He realizes that when it felt different it wasn't actually wrong and a possible way to find the legendary mode. Kaoru tries to do it again, hoping that he'll unlock the 6th mode.