Recca's teammate Tokiya learns the horrible truth about his sister's murder while facing a nemesis whose choice of weapon is beyond anything he imagined. In the ensuing battle, the usually cool-headed Tokiya finds himself fighting by the skin of his teeth!

Above from volume's back cover
First released in English: July 2005
Characters featured on cover: Recca, Yanagi, and Setsuna

Chapter 118: Meguri Kyoza

Tokiya is shocked that his trusted teacher, Meguri Kyoza, has taught Kai Hyomon-ken. Kai's reason for fighting is to beat Tokiya because Meguri said that there can only be one master of Hyomon-ken. Kai tells him that Meguri ordered Kai to kill him.

Chapter 119: The Rock's Grudge

So far Recca has won back three of his six dragons, eventually winning Madoka as well. Kai's Madogu, Hyoma-en, is a blood thirsty sword and starts drinking Tokiya's blood.

Chapter 120: Blood Sacrifice

Tokiya and Kai are both down after getting hit by each other's most powerful hits

Chapter 121: Caution to the Wind

Kai beats Tokiya and tells him not to live for revenge like him. Kai stabs himself with his Madogu. With his last words, Kai tells Tokiya that his sister's killer was actually his trusted teacher, Meguri Kyoza. Kai then falls off the arena and dies.

Chapter 122: Girl of Healing

Kurei tries to break team Hokage's spirit but Yanagi yells at him that Kurei will lose. Fuuko enters the arena and faces Mikoto. Recca's next challenge is to beat Rui and her power to transform.

Chapter 123: Rui the Riddle-Master

Recca wins back Rui. So far all the dragons Recca had used before wanted him to win them back, but Setsuna wants Recca dead.

Chapter 124: The Wicked Dragon

Knowing that Setsuna won't hold back, Recca still decides to take Setsuna head on.

Chapter 125: Resurrection, and...

Setsuna goes for Recca's weakness, his right arm. With his right arm injured he can't call on his dragon allies. So instead he writes Saiha's kanji in the sand and calls him. Recca wins back Setsuna, then faints.

Chapter 126: One Heart's Wish

A little boy named Keishu and his baby brother Michiteru show up with their father's mortuary tablet and says that Mikoto killed his father and asks Fuuko to avenge his death.

Chapter 127: Mikoto x 2

Fuuko is doing well against Mikoto when a woman jumps out of her.