The final round of the assassins' tournament has begun! With opponents like a warrior impervious to pain and a hooded swordsman with a fearsome slice, Recca's Team Hokage has its hands full--especially Recca, who is forced to fight his own dragons!

Above from volume's back cover
First released in English: May 2005
Characters featured on cover: Recca and Kurei

108. The Faceless Warrior

Noroi vs. Domon. Domon's problem is that Noroi can't feel pain. Noroi almost throws Domon off the pillar, but saves him before he falls. All Noroi keeps saying is 'I want.'

Chapter 109: The Mystery Madogu

Domon swallows the Madogu the old man gave him by accident.

Chapter 110: Secret of the Curse

Noroi turns out to be a dead body brought to life by the Madogu, Bakuju. Noroi needs to keep getting new dead bodies and he wants Domon's. Domon activates his new Madogu, Tetsu iron since he swallowed it.

Chapter 111: Flesh and Iron

The Madogu turns Domon's body into iron. Noroi's Madogu was his helmet, and it jumps onto Domon's head. Unless Domon gets it off quickly, it'll take over Domon's body completely.

Chapter 112: Virus and Vaccine

Noroi starts to delete Domon's memories by entering a virus. Domon's memory of Fuko kills the virus in his head. Kurei arrives in the arena.

Chapter 113: The Vanishing

Kurei reveals that he was behind it when Joker slashed Saicho, but Kurei's planned target was actually Kaoru. Joker didn't kill Kaoru because Kurei respects him almost as much as Recca. Tokiya vs. Kai. The old man removes the dragon kanji from Recca's arms, taking away his dragons.

Chapter 114: A World of Sand

Recca gets pulled into a world of sand and relives some of his memories.

Chapter 115: A New Challenge

A woman named Nadare appears next to a man named Saiha. Recca finds out that the eight dragons were once flame wilders, humans. Recca is forced to fight his dragons in their human forms. Recca wins and Nadare and Saiha return to him in dragon form.

Chapter 116: Bond

Homura appears and Recca fights him. Back at the tournament, Tokiya begins his fight with Kai. He believes the man is his sister's killer.

Chapter 117: The Power of Kai

After winning back Homura, Recca's next dragon to fight is Madoka. Kai promises to tell Tokiya everything about Mifuyu's murder if he defeats him.