Having reached the semifinals, Recca's Team Hokage must find a way to defeat "The Invincible One," a wily opponent who has trapped Fuko in another dimension and conjured up an illusion to battle the unsuspecting Domon! Meanwhile, the stakes grow higher with the return of an arch-nemesis and a supreme sacrifice made by a trusted friend!

Above from volume's back cover
First released in English: March 2005
Characters featured on cover: Fuuko Kirisawa

Chapter 98: Ma PART 6: Reckoning

Fuko uses another sphere to summon Fujin again to get to the real Magensha. Fuko sends Magensha into the armor and Domon beats him.

Chapter 99: J

Hokage advances. Kurei comes and brings J-Keeper with him.

Chapter 100: Wings of Angels, Wings of Dragons

Even the members of Uruha don't know J-Keeper. Kurei knows Magensha is a spy, so he has J-Keeper kill him. Tokiya and Kaoru show up. Kurei calls on Recca. Recca uses Saiha but the clash of Kurei and Recca's flames creates an explosion. Kurei leaves and Recca promises to beat him.

Chapter 101: Footsteps of the Enemy

Gashakura shows up without the armor to join Hokage and Ku for dinner. Nemi, one of the refs, drags Tokiya out for autographs. Tokiya senses the presence of his sister's killer in the castle. He collapses.

Chapter 102: The Mysterious Old Man

An old man shows up and tells Kaoru that the Kogon Ankin has a 6th mode. The old man also gives Domon a new Madogu, and Tokiya advice to unlock Ensui's real powers. Fuko is out training with Raiha, who keeps following her. Fuko starts getting a crush on him. The old man gives Fuko advice to not use all of Fujin's spheres until she finds the main one. The old man tells Recca he can't beat Kurei.

Chapter 103: The Curse of Love

Neon tells Recca that four years ago Mori adopted a woman named Kurenai. She was the only person who didn't fear him. She got him to open up and he started to change into a caring person. But because of that, Mori starts beating him. Kurenai and Raiha tried to protect him. Kurei tries to lie and pretends to hate her, but Mori knows he cares about her. He tells Kurei to kill her. Of course he doesn't. Mori says that Kurenai has a bomb inside her body just like his mother. Mori pushes the button and kills Kurenai. Kurei uses his flame to absorb Kurenai and turn her into an angel of fire.

Chapter 104: The Nightmare Before the Finals PART: 1

Kurei finds out that Neon told Recca about his past and hits her. Kaoru and Saicho sneak into the final arena to see what it's like and J-Keeper attacks.

Chapter 105: The Nightmare Before the Finals PART: 2

Joker shows up to fight J-Keeper. When he and Saicho get ready to attack, Joker turns and slashes Saicho instead. Recca shows up and Joker tells him that he is part of Kurei's team and disappears. Saicho gives Kaoru a paper crane.

Chapter 106: The Final Stage

Kukai tells Kaoru that Saicho did what he did to protect him so he could fight in the finals.

Chapter 107: The Curtain Rises

Kurei doesn't show up for the finals. Domon vs. Noroi. Uruha-ma, the old man, Ku, Neon, Raiha, and even the ghosts of Circus show up to see Hokage fight.