As a 400-year-old teenage ninja, Recca Hanabishi has recently vowed to protect the life of a pretty classmate named Yanagi Sakoshita. With the power of flame at his command, the hotshot shinobi is not shy about roasting a punk (or two) over a roaring fire.

But now, a battle-weary Recca finds himself grappling with someone known as "The Invincible One." As he looks down the barrel of the Evil God Cannon, our hero begins to wonder: How do you defeat an indestructible enemy with an arsenal of human souls at his command?!!

Above from volume's back cover
First released in English: January 2005
Characters featured on cover: Recca and Reshin

Chapter 88: The Time of Mara Part 8: Victim of the Gale

Gashakura vs. Fuko. Fuko lets loose with a lot of speedy attacks and she destroys his morning star. Impressed by Fuko's strength, Gashakura decides to not hold back

Chapter 89: The Time of Mara Part 9: The Vicious Spider

Gashakura uses his Madogu, the vicious spider. Koran Mori activates the laser ropes. They are there to incinerate anything they touch, preventing retreat. Fuko flew into them right after they get activated. Fuko gets up, even after getting electrocuted.

Chapter 90: The Time of Mara Part 10: Five Small Spheres

Moved by Fuko's speech, Gashakura destroys the laser ropes, knowing she won't retreat. The Fujin reacts to Fuko's courage and a kodama of wind is released. Kagero warns Fuko that there are only five kodamas. Once removed, Fujin loses its power.

Chapter 91: The Other Semi-Finals PART 1: Face to Face

The kodama Fuko released cracks, releasing a cute little creature named Fujin. Fujin fearlessly stands in front of Fuko and takes the full force of Gashakura's blow, shattering the spider claws. With the help of Fujin's wind spirit form, Fuko beats Gashakura. Raiha alone faces Kurei and his team.

Chapter 92: The Other Semi-Finals PART 2: A Lamp at Noon

Raiha is equal to Noroi, Kurei questions Raiha why he doesn't use his Madogu: Raijin- the lightning god. Raiha says he doesn't want to kill Noroi. Raiha throws down his sword and allows Noroi to kill him. Except right before that happens, Kurei stops Noroi, wanting to know why he won't fight. Raiha says he wants Kurei to advance, if he fought at full strength, he would kill everyone on Kurei's team. But he won't do it because he is Kurei's Shinobi. Raiha forfeits. Fuko decides to fight Magensha.

Chapter 93: Ma PART 1: Crisis Outside the Ring

Fuko's injury from the laser ropes is slowing her down. Magensha opens the black hole and Fuko gets sucked in. Gashakura gets angry and tells Recca that Fuko is alive and that she's in the Majigen. Domon enters the ring and punches Magensha hard.

Chapter 94: Ma PART 2: Three-Dimensional Relay

The Magensha fighting Domon is fake, the real one is after Yanagi. Recca shows up to help her.

Chapter 95: Ma PART 3: Ill-Met in Subspace

Fuko appears at her house with Ganko. The hole opens again and Fuko goes back in. She meets up with Kashamaru and Tsukishiro. They tell her that their real job was to get Yanagi. The three form a temporary alliance. Recca summons Saiha and Homura and combines their powers into a sickle and chain of flame. Magensha retreats back to the arena.

Chapter 96: Ma PART 4: Magensha's Secret

Chapter 97: Ma PART 5: The True Form Found

Fuko finds out that the two Magenshas are imposters and that the real one is controlling the Magensha fighting Domon. The Magensha robot fires the same weapon used to kill Jisho, but Domon knocks the ammo away like it was nothing. Fuko finds the real Magensha