Things are getting more and more complicated for Recca and his coterie. Advancing to the semifinal round of the bloody Urabutosatsujin tournament, Team Hokage now faces a group of super assassins harboring their own secret agenda. Stepping into the arena, Recca confronts an opponent wielding the exact same powers of flame that he himself possesses. The stage is set for the ultimate showdown. One way or another, Recca has to figure out a way to defeat the flame of Recca!!

Above from volume's back cover
First released in English: December 14, 2004
Characters featured on cover: Recca, Saiha, Modoka, and Homura

Chapter 78: The Man From Circus

Neon goes to Kurei to talk to him about the new members in the team Uruha-Ma; the one that killed Jisho was part of. Kurei doesn't seem to care that Jisho was killed, which upsets Neon. Recca tries to use the Madogu given to him by Neon's team to remove the immortality spell put on Kagero but the Madogu breaks.

Chapter 79: The Vengeance Torch is Passed

Yashiro of circus forfeits to Hokage. Yashiro explains that four years ago they entered the tournament and fought Kurei's team. He tried to save Karin's life by surrendering but Kurei ordered Noroi to kill her. The members of Circus swore revenge next tournament. But during this tournament, every member of circus except himself was killed. So, knowing he has no chance to fight Kurei, he passes the fight for revenge onto Hokage. With some respectable words, Yashiro gets the crowd to finally cheer for Hokage. Yashiro gives the ref the job of giving his friends a proper burial. What no one realized, was that Yashiro was bleeding to death. After getting visited by the ghosts of his fallen friends, Yashiro also dies.

Chapter 80: The Night Before

While training, Fuko and Domon run into Raiha. Who gives Domon some advise in fighting.

Chapter 81: The Time of Mara Part 1: Moon

Tokiya sits out as a commentator. It's Hokage vs. Uruha-Ma. First up is Tsukishiro vs. Kaoru.

Chapter 82: The Time of Mara Part 2: Crescent Moon

Kaoru has a hard time dodging the crescent moon, similar to his Kogon Ankin's 4th mode. Kaoru is hit hard but he bounces back with a drop kick. Tsukishiro turns himself invisible.

Chapter 83: The Time of Mara Part 3: Lunar Eclipse

Tsukishiro cuts Kaoru's back and it looks like Kaoru is finished, when Joker shows up with advice to help Kaoru. Kaoru takes the advice and wins. But then passes out.

Chapter 84: The Time of Mara Part 4: Ninja Battle

Because Kaoru fainted, the fight ends in a draw. Next it's Recca vs. Kashamaru. Fighting a ninja revives Recca's ninja tricks. They decide to make it a ninja battle to see who the better ninja is.

Chapter 85: The Time of Mara Part 5: Eight-Dragon Battle

To everyone's surprise, Kashamaru summons Nadare! Kashamaru can summon any of the dragons Recca can. Kashamaru's Madogu is Nise-bi, the false flame. After seeing his dragons used against him, Recca loses the will to fight. That is, until a dragon asks a riddle. Recca gets it right and summons a new dragon, Rui.

Chapter 86: The Time of Mara Part 6: The Shapeless One

Rui gives Recca the power to make illusions out of fire. Kashamaru realizes Rui's power too late to use it against Recca and loses.

Chapter 87: The Time of Mara Part 7: Gashakura Enters the Battle

Before the next fight, Magensha sends Tsukishiro and Kashamaru to another dimension. Fuko saves Recca from Gashakura and drags him off the arena.