There's trouble brewing within the ranks of Team Hokage. When Recca catches sweet Yanagi on a midnight stroll with Tokiya, he erupts in a flame of jealousy. The fiery ninja and the cool water swordsman have never been the best of friends and now they're clawing at each other's throats at the worst possible time.

The pair's tenuous alliance is coming apart at the seams just as they are about to face their next foe in the on-going Urabutosatsujin tournament. Everyone knows fire and water don't mix. Now the question remains: Will Recca and Tokiya be able to put their differences aside in order to save themselves from certain death?

Above from volume's back cover
First released in English: October 12, 2004
Characters featured on cover: Recca and Tokiya

Chapter 68: The one Kurei Protects

Tokiya wonders why Kurei obeys Koran Mori's every command. Kurei goes to see his adoptive mother and Raiha defends him when Koran Mori's men threaten Kurei. Kurei fights for Mori because if he doesn't, Mori will kill his mother. The woman is also Koran Mori's wife. Knowing how much Kurei loves her he put a bomb in her. Raiha finds out about the bomb but Kurei stops him. Kurei attacks and kills Mori's men. Kurei still has a little humanity left in him. If Mori kills her, Kurei will kill him.

Chapter 69: Live Part 1: The Night Before

While training at 2:00 am, Recca sees Tokiya and Yanagi walking and gets jealous. Yanagi cuts her hand on a rusty railing and Tokiya sucks out some of the blood. Recca sees and attacks Tokiya.

Chapter 70: Live Part 2: The Curtain Rises

Chapter Domon vs. Aki. Aki's Madogu, Koto Dama, makes Domon see illusions.

Chapter 71: Live Part 3: Domon Finds His Groove

Domon is having a hard time fighting Aki's illusions, that is, until Fuko promises that if he wins she'll give him a kiss. It works and Domon wins.

Chapter 72: Live Part 4: Duo

Fuko forces Kaoru to kiss Domon while Domon has his eyes closed. Neon gets Recca and Tokiya to fight in a double bout against her and Miki.

Chapter 73: Live Part 5: Hard Lock

Tokiya and Recca keep bumping into each other while Neon and Miki double their strength by combining their Madogu.

Chapter 74: Live Part 6: Heavy Metal

Domon saves them at the last second, and then Domon and Fuko knock some sense into Recca and Tokiya. By saving the two, Domon broke the rules and they lose a point. Tokiya and Recca fight together finally.

Chapter 75: Live Part 7: Kurei, My Love

Neon says that four years ago, Neon became a maid at Kurei's mansion. She had a crush on him but Kurei had a girlfriend named Kurenai. She decided to join Uruha later. Tokiya memorized her moves. Knowing there was no other choice, Neon begins her ultimate move, Funeral March, an attack that would kill everyone in the stadium, including her.

Chapter 76: Live Part 8: Curtain Call

Neon puts a force field around Miki and Aki so they won't die. Meno is thrown into the line of fire by one of the fleeing audience members but is saved by a man dressed like Joker. Tokiya uses Ensui to make icicles to kill Neon before she can finish her attack. Recca gains another dragon ally, Madoka, who creates a force field around Neon so she doesn't get killed.

Chapter 77: Beautiful Monster - Deadly Talk

Neon warns Recca about Jisho. Kaoru informs them that Jisho is probably the deadliest of Uruha, with power that rivals Kurei. Joker shows himself to Hokage. Meno says that Joker saved her. Joker takes Hokage to see Jisho's team fight. Neon is there cheering on her actual best friend, Jisho. Who is fighting another Uruha team. Problem is, all of Jisho's team members were killed one by one by only one man, Magensha. Not even Neon and Jisho had seen the members of the opposing Uruha team. Magensha uses body parts of his victims as ammo. Magensha uses one of Jisho's men's heads as ammo and splits Jisho in half.