Once a year, the world's most ruthless assassins band together under the Death Dome for a deadly martial arts tournament. It's kill or be killed in this annual clash of the team titans. Forced to participate in this bloody headbangers ball, Recca and his crew have thus far defeated every opponent they've met. But, really, what choice do they have? At stake is the life of young Yanagi Sakoshita, the girl who Recca has vowed to protect forever. Recca's gift is his power to manipulate fire. But the teenage ninja also hosts the power of the Eight-Headed Dragon inside him. When Team Hokage's latest foe discovers a way to release one of these dragons, even Recca must bow to the serpent's cruel and temperamental anger.

Above from volume's back cover
First released in English: August 10, 2004
Characters featured on cover: Fuuko, Recca, Domon, Kaoru, and Tokiya

Chapter 60: The Mad Illusionist's Feast Part 5: Stone Cold

Because Mokuren's branches regenerate, Tokiya slices & freezes them at the same time to stop them from growing back. Mokuren tells Tokiya if he drops Ensui, he'll release Kaoru. Tokiya puts Ensui down & freezes the ground, freezing Mokuren's roots at the same time. Tokiya gets Kaoru out & Mokuren begs for his life. But unlike the others in team Hokage, Tokiya has a heart of ice & spares no one.

Chapter 61: The Mad Illusionist's Feast Part 6: Meno

Uruha's 3rd fighter is a girl named Meno. Raiha saves Fuko from drowning. Meno's hair starts to grow and turns into a blade.

Chapter 62: The Mad Illusionist's Feast Part 7: The Sad-Faced Girl

Meno's Madogu, Shikigami: Ceremonial hair, is deep inside her. She doesn't want to hurt Recca but she has no choice.

Chapter 63: The Mad Illusionist's Feast Part 8: Hourglass Prison

Meno is forced to fight because Genjuro is keeping Meno's dad in an hourglass and will kill him if she loses. Genjuro's Madogu, Mugan, has the power to turn the impossible into reality. Meno stops and won't kill Recca, Genjuro flips the hourglass, covering her dad in sand. Meno's dad used to work with Genjuro but he wanted to quit because he wouldn't do experiments on people. So Genjuro decided to use Meno. But her dad, Sakura, fought back and got put in the hourglass. Recca gets through the force field Genjuro had put up to prevent attacks from getting to his Madogu.

Chapter 64: The Mad Illusionist's Feast Part 9: Jusshin-Shu, Genjuro

Recca uses Homura to break the force field and he saves Sakura. Recca faces Genjuro. Kaoru tells them about Kurei's top 10 assassins, known as the Jusshin-Shu. Genjuro is one of them. The other Jusshin-Shu are: Neon, Jisho, and Raiha. The remaining members are unknown.

Chapter 65: The Mad Illusionist's Feast Part 10: Ambition

Genjuro multiplies himself, and tries to remove Recca's dragons. Genjuro's true reason for joining Kurei was to become the master of Uruha by killing Kurei.

Chapter 66: The Mad Illusionist's Feast Part 11: Setsuna Flashes

Fuko returns. Because Genjuro tried to steal Recca's flames, a dragon forces Genjuro away. The dragon however isn't Recca's ally. The rogue dragon is dangerous. Saiha tells Recca that the dragon is Setsuna, the cruelest, most dangerous of them all. He warns Recca that when Setsuna opens his one eye anyone who sees it immediately becomes engulfed in flames. Setsuna chooses to be an ally of Recca and his kanji appears on Recca's arm. With Setsuna on their side, Recca beats Genjuro and Hokage wins. Recca takes Ensui and puts out the flames covering Genjuro.

Chapter 67: The Mad Illusionist's Feast Part 12: The End of the Feast- The Top 16

Genjuro removes the Madogu from Meno and Recca uses Saiha to destroy it. Genjuro thanks Yanagi for healing him and wishes Recca luck in killing Kurei. Neon comes and kills Genjuro. Yanagi faints.