The key to eternal life lies in Yanagi's ability to heal. With one touch, she is able to heal the wounded and, perhaps, stay inevitable death. Now, it's up to Recca Hanabishi to protect his vulnerable charge from a deadly kidnapping plot. And to complicate matters even further, he's been told that his latest mission will result in his untimely demise. It's a matter of life and death for Recca and his pals Domon and Fuko. Is eternal life a possibility? And if so, why must someone sacrifice his (or her) life to achieve it?

Above from volume's back cover
First released in English: November 2003
Characters featured on cover: Recca, Fuuko, and Domon

Chapter 20: Kurei

Yanagi wakes up in Kurei's mansion. He tells her that his father, Koran Mori, is so greedy he wants immortality and she is the key. Kurei uses his power of fire and Yanagi passes out.

Chapter 21: Infiltration

Not knowing where to find Yanagi, Recca goes to contact Kagehoshi at the place they first met. Kagehoshi at first won't tell him because she knows that if he goes, Kurei will kill him. Kagehoshi gives in and promises Recca that if he comes back alive she'll answer all his questions.

Chapter 22: The Marble Guardian

Recca, Fuko, and Domon get into Kurei's mansion but get stopped by a stone statue named Maria that shoots lasers at moving targets. Fuko discovers Maria's weakness and destroys the statue.

Chapter 23: Reiran Katashiro - PART 1: The Doll Master

Kaoru goes behind Kurei's back and brings Yanagi food. Kaoru promises that Kurei won't hurt her because he's a gentleman. Kaoru gets notified of an intruder and Yanagi says it's her knight. Kaoru asks how strong he is and she says he's the strongest guy she knows. Kaoru runs off to test this "knight" of Yanagi's. The trio runs into Reiran who has her mannequins attack them using her Katakagutsu.

Chapter 24: Reiran Katashiro - PART 2: Wind Wielder vs. Doll Master

Fuko steps up to the challenge and uses her Fujin to destroy the dolls. Reiran takes control of Fuko. Reiran has her favorite doll, Primera, kill Fuko.

Chapter 25: Reiran Katashiro - PART 3: True Identity

Because of Primera's small size she can't control the sword well, so instead of killing Fuko she just cuts her. Fuko uses the Fujin on herself to get rid of the strings controlling her. Fuko discovers that Reiran is just a doll and Primera, a.k.a. Ganko, was the real Madogu bearer. Ganko tells them that when her mother died she was orphaned. She came across the doll (Reiran) that resembled her mother. Kurei gave her the Madogu to bring the doll to life. But she could only keep it if she did what he said.

Chapter 26. Earth Awakens

The gang runs into the second Madogu bearer, Sekio, the stone king. Sekio was a psychotic mass-murderer who Kurei uses as a security guard. Domon easily beats him but Sekio uses Sekichu, the stone Madogu, and makes himself into a large man of stone. Domon activates his Madogu, the ring of Dosei that he got from Kagehoshi, to defeat Sekio.

Chapter 27. Of Walls and Water

Their next opponent is the Kurei's most dangerous Madogu bearer in the castle, and also one of his deadliest assassins, Kaoru. In spite of Ganko's warning, Domon and Recca underestimate Kaoru and attack. Kaoru easily evades their attacks and counters. Disappointed in the gang's fighting ability, Kaoru pushes a button to lower a wall to keep them from getting any further. Recca, Domon, and Fuko hold up the wall and Tokiya shows up. He uses Ensui to destroy the wall.

Chapter 28. An Unexpected Ally

Kaoru attacks Tokiya who counters his attack. Recca, Fuko, Domon, and Ganko take advantage of Tokiya's appearance and escape. Impressed by Tokiya's skills, he stops holding back.

Chapter 29. Reunion

They finally find Kurei, who has killed Sekio and gives Domon Sekio's head as a reward for defeating the man of stone. Angry, Recca attacks Kurei with his flame but Kurei repels it. A trap door opens and Recca and the others fall into the pit.