Not only is Recca Hanabishi a teenage ninja, but he's also got the magical power to control fire. With skills like this, he's able to vanquish school bullies while protecting a pretty, young classmate named Yanagi Sakoshita. But now, Recca comes face to face with his most troublesome foe yet. Introducing Mikagami, the water swordsman. Will water douse the flame of Recca? Or will the young ninja burn brighter than ever?

Above from volume's back cover
First released in English: October 1, 2003
Characters featured on cover: Recca and Tokiya

Chapter 10: Yanagi Comes Over

Yanagi, Fuko, and Domon go to Recca's house to watch Recca's homemade fireworks. Yanagi shows the gang her comic 'Reccaman.'

Chapter 11: The Water Swordsman - PART 1: Tokiya Mikagami

Recca finds out that Yanagi has a job at a nursery school where she tells her Reccaman stories. Tokiya Mikagami, another student in Recca's high school, sees Yanagi and she reminds him of his older sister that passed away.

Chapter 12: The Water Swordsman - PART 2: Water Sorcery

Tokiya tells Recca to stay away from Yanagi because as long as Kagehoshi is after him, Yanagi's in danger too. Recca isn't listening so Tokiya activates Ensui, the water sword and attacks. For the first time Recca loses. When Yanagi tries to heal his wounds Recca tells her to leave him alone and that he can't be her Shinobi anymore.

Chapter 13: The Water Swordsman - PART 3: Scolded

Fuko overhears her classmates talking about Yanagi and Recca being over and she goes after Recca to find out why he's avoiding Yanagi. Recca runs into Yanagi who is walking with Tokiya. After getting some sense beaten into him by Fuko and Domon, Recca goes to find Yanagi and Tokiya at the amusement park. Worried about Recca fighting with Tokiya again Fuko decides that her and Domon should follow.

Chapter 14: The Water Swordsman - PART 4: Mikagami's Past

Tokiya takes Yanagi into the labyrinth of mirrors so Recca doesn't find them. Tokiya tells Yanagi that she reminds him of his older sister Mifuyu and that she was Yanagi's age when she was murdered right in front of him seven years ago. Recca finds them and he and Tokiya fight.

Chapter 15: The Water Swordsman - PART 5: Water vs. Flame

Recca is having a hard time fighting because of Tokiya's unmatched swordsmanship, as well as the mirrors constantly confusing him. Kagehoshi tells Yanagi about another fire wielder, one stronger than Recca.

Chapter 16: The Water Swordsman - PART 6: Flames of Desperation

With hardly any energy to fight and loss of blood, Recca has the strength to use his flame only two more times. With one he destroys all the mirrors so he won't get confused. With his last flame he evaporates Tokiya's Ensui, the same object Mifuyu died for.

Chapter 17: Memories of a Dream

After beating Tokiya, Recca collapses because of blood loss. Yanagi gives some of her own blood to replace his. Recca has a dream about Kagehoshi holding him when he was a baby.

Chapter 18: A Glimmer of Light

While in his favorite class, Japanese history, a substitute comes in named Mr. Tatesako, a ninja expert. H e invites Recca and Yanagi over to his house. Mr. Tatesako tells Recca about the legendary Hokage clan. They were the smartest ninja clan and they had created the Madogu. The leader of the clan had the power of fire.

Chapter 19: Boy of Gold, Man of Wood

Kurei sends two of his assassins, Kaoru, master of the Kogonankin, and Mokuren, master of wood, to capture Mr. Tatesako and Yanagi. Kaoru fights Recca while Mokuren captures Mr. Tatesako and Yanagi. Recca goes after them and easily gets the jump on Mokuren, but Kaoru knocks Recca out cold with one hit.