Recca Hanabishi is always up for a good-natured tussle with his friends and even his father. That's because he's famous at school for being a ninja geek. Armed with the power to control flame, Hanabishi suddenly finds himself in an awkward situation. On the day he pledges his undying ninja allegiance to a pretty classmate named Yanagi Sakoshita, a mysterious older woman pops into his life. Is she good? Is she evil? What exactly does she want? And what's the deal with tomboy, Fuko Kirisawa? She's got the power of wind at her command. Does she want to smash our hero to smithereens, or does she simply want to kiss him?

Above from volume's back cover
First released in English: July 30th 2003
Characters featured on cover: Recca and Yanagi

Chapter 1: Shinobi and Princess

It starts with Recca Hanabishi fighting Domon. Domon, a big guy with a small brain is no match for Recca, a ninja obsessed teen. Recca easily beats him. Yanagi is getting bullied and Recca comes to her aid. He discovers that Yanagi has healing powers when she heals a puppy that was hit by a car. Recca tells Yanagi that he'll be her Shinobi.

Chapter 2: Kagehoushi

Kagehoshi, a woman of the shadows appears and challenges Recca. To Recca's surprise she knows ninja tricks just like him. She tries to force Recca to use his flames by attacking him. Recca finds himself in over his head, with Kagehoshi closing in for the kill. Yanagi steps in and shields Recca. Kagehoshi attacks her instead and Recca releases his flame to drive Kagehoshi away.

Chapter Chapter 3: Earth, then Wind

When word gets out that Yanagi is Recca's master Domon goes after him. After beating Domon, Recca gets a message from Fuko, Recca's nemesis, in the form of a badly beaten Domon with "Bad Dog, by Fuko," written on his forehead. Knowing Fuko means business Recca grabs Yanagi and tries to hide on the school roof, but she still finds them.

Chapter 4: Fuko Kirisawa

Angry to hear that Yanagi is Recca's master, she challenges Yanagi to a fight. Fuko explains that she's been fighting with Recca for 10 years because she wanted to be his master. Recca escapes with Yanagi while Fuko is in one of his traps.

Chapter 5: God of Wind

Kagehoshi gives Fuko the Fujin, God of Wind, a powerful Madogu. Worried because Fuko had been absent from school for three days, he decides to go to her house. He finds out that she's been coming home late and her mother thinks she's been staying after school. Fuko calls Recca to meet her at the school.

Chapter 6: Storm Warning

Fuko attacks Recca with the Fujin, which has taken over her mind. Yanagi tries to get help but Kagehoshi stops her. Right before she passes out Yanagi tells Domon about Fuko. Recca is about to die when Domon saves him.

Chapter 7: Wind, then Flame

In order to save Fuko from Kagehoshi's control, Recca and Domon team up for the first time. Domon gets through to Fuko for a second before the Fujin takes her over again. Recca decides he has no other choice, so he brings out his flames.

Chapter 8: Countdown

Recca cracks the stone in the center of the Fujin with his flame, but Fuko realizes his plan and creates a tornado to shield herself. But by staying in the center of the swirling winds she has no oxygen. It becomes a race against time for Recca and Domon to get Fuko out. Recca gets a boost from Domon and gets inside. Once inside he breaks the stone completely, releasing Fuko.

Chapter 9: The Deathless Woman

Kagehoshi shows Recca and the others that she can't die by slashing her throat. She tells Recca that they are family.