Age: 16
Blood Type: A
Birthday: November 13
Sign: Scorpio
Madogu: Ensui
Name Meaning: Water Mirror

Tokiya started out as Recca's enemy, believing that Recca was stealing other people's Madogu. After finding out the truth, Tokiya became an ally. Tokiya is always calm and has a cold personality. When Tokiya was little, his older sister, Mifuyu, tried to protect him from two men and was killed. Before dying, Mifuyu tells him that they were after the family treasure, Ensui, which she gives to him. Ever since, Tokiya won't get close to anyone. His goal in life to find the men that murdered Mifuyu and kill them. Yanagi reminds him of Mifuyu, so he tried to get Yanagi away from Recca in order to keep her safe. Tokiya is a cold-hearted person who'd kill without a second thought. But being with Recca, Fuuko, Yanagi, and the others, he begins to soften up a little. The only person Tokiya truly respects from the beginning is Kaoru.