Age: 16
Blood Type: O
Birthday: July 27
Sign: Leo
Madogu: None (uses the Hachiryu)
Name Meaning: Raging Fire

Recca dreams of becoming a ninja. He has been challenged multiple times by many people at school. Recca's only true rivals are Fuuko and Tokiya. Recca later on discovers that 400 years ago he was born into the Hokage clan, the most powerful ninjas. His father, Oka, was the 6th generation leader. Recca's half-brother Kurei, had the cursed flame. Because Kurei and Recca both had the power of fire, the sign of the leader, one of them had to die. The elder said for Kurei to be killed because of his cursed flame. Reina, Kurei's mother, tried to protect Kurei. Kagero, Recca's mother, begged for Kurei to be allowed to live. Kurei tried to kill Recca because he felt that he should be the rightful future leader. Nobunaga came to try to get his hands on the Hokage's most prized possessions, the Madogu, and they planned to kill all of the Hokage as well. Oka told everyone not to use madogu, because if Nobunaga or any of his men got a hold of them the world would be in danger. Oka set out, knowing that he'd get killed. Kagero used a spell to send Recca into the future. Before the gate closed, Kurei jumped into the portal after Recca.