Age: 20
Blood Type: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Sign: Unknown
Madogu: None (uses the Phoenix)
Name Meaning: Unknown

Kurei is Recca's older half brother. When they were little, Kurei was seen as one with the cursed flame. Because of that he was ordered to be killed so that Recca would be the heir instead. His life was spared thanks to Recca's mother, Kagero. Kurei and his mother became outcasts and Kurei was bullied. Kurei decided that all of his and his mother's suffering is because of Recca, so he tries to kill him. The Band-Aid on Recca's cheek covers the scar left behind after Kurei stabbed him. When Kagero used the time spell to send Recca into the future, Kurei followed. He was adopted by Koran Mori. Kurei tried to hide his feelings for Kurenai but Mori saw through his act and killed her by detonating a bomb that was implanted inside her. Kurei used his flame, the phoenix, to turn Kurenai into a living flame, making Kurenai an angel of fire. The only reason Kurei follows Mori is because Mori put a bomb similar to the one in Kurenai into Mori's wife, whom Kurei cared about as if she were his real mother.