Age: 13
Blood Type: A
Birthday: September 29
Sign: Libra
Madogu: Kogon Ankin
Name Meaning: Small Golden One

Kaoru is great at solving complex puzzles, which is why Kurei gave him the Kogon Ankin, an extremely complex weapon that only a few people knew how to use it. Kaoru could transform it faster than any other previous owner. And because of that, Kaoru was made a member of Kurei's assassination team, Uruha. When he was younger he had run away from the orphanage, the only home he had ever known, he stole a knife for one reason. To slice his wrist.

Kaoru: No parents, no brothers or sisters, no friends... Why am I so alone? I can't take it anymore! I don't want to be alone! I'm scared! Where will I go when I die? I don't know... That's scary too but who cares? It'll be better... better than this life...

Kaoru started to cut his wrist but Kurei stopped him. The handkerchief on Kaoru's wrist was what Kurei used to stop the bleeding. Kaoru still wears it over the scare left when he tried to kill himself. Kaoru looked up to Kurei as a brother, trusting him completely. But when he saw what Kurei did to Yanagi, Kaoru left Uruha. During the Urabutosatsujin, Kaoru joined team Hokage in order to protect Yanagi and find out the truth about Kurei.