1. The Princess and the Ninja

A woman watches as Domon and Recca fight. After Recca beats Domon, Recca goes to get something to eat and sees a girl named Yanagi. He follows and saves her from getting crushed by falling pipes. She heals his wounds and asks him to keep it a secret. Recca takes her to a building and sets off some fireworks. As they leave a woman named Kagehoshi attacks. She keeps telling Recca to use his flames. Recca doesn't know what she's talking about. She attacks him. Yanagi tries to protect him but Kagehoshi attacks her instead. In order to protect Yanagi, Recca awakens the power of fire and drives Kagehoshi away. Recca tells Yanagi that he'll be her ninja.

2. Wind and Fire

The school hears Recca say he is Yanagi's ninja and think Recca lost to her because he'd say he'd become the ninja of the person who beat him in a fight. Domon attacks Recca but Recca beats him. Domon warns Recca about Fuko looking for him. Recca grabs Yanagi and they try to hide but Fuko finds them and attacks. Fuko challenges Yanagi to a fight but Recca explains that she didn't beat him, he just decided to become her ninja. Kagehoshi gives Fuko the Fujin, a Madogu that controls the wind. After a call from Fuko, Recca rushes over to the high school and Fuko attacks him with the Fujin. Yanagi goes for help but Kagehoshi knocks her out. But before she faints, she tells Domon what happened. Domon shows up and saves Recca. Fuko starts attacking him but Domon reaches her and she starts to regain control of herself. But Kagehoshi puts her under Fujin's control again. Recca summons his flame to fight Fuko.

3. The Water Swordsman

4. Labyrinth of Mirrors

5. The Shadow Ninja Clan

6. Fearful Fire Sorcerer Kurei

7. Stone Guardian

8. The Room of Dolls

9. Demon Domon

10. Clash of Flames

11. The Five Fangs of Kogonanki

12. Kurenai the Flame

13. The Ultimate Fire

14. The Past Revived

15. The Curse of Time

16. Ready to Fight

17. Underground Death Tournament!

18. Sword of Blood

19. The Iron Fist Fails

20. Exposion

21. The Paper Dance

22. The Other Face

23. The Life Staking Test

24. Beastly Roar - The Warrior from Hell

25. Impact!! - A Decisive Flash of Lightning!!

26. Mokuren Resurrected: The Ire of the Human-faced Tree

27. A Reason for Tears - The Young Girl with the Tangled Hair!!

28. Scorching Glance!! - Setsuna's Incineration!!

29. Suspicious Tongues! Fear of the Kotodama!

30. Temptation of the Beautiful Women! The Deadly Duo!

31. Cursed Fire! Kurenai's Past!

32. Invisible Enemy! Battle Against Fear!

33. Dragon Twins! Imitation Technique!

34. Fierce Fighting Fuuko! Countless Injuries on Bare Skin!

35. Girl's Invocation. Awakening the Fuujin!

36. The Fire Dragons United! The Enemy Outside the Ring!

37. Escape from the Oblivious Dimension! Battle in the Other Place!

38. Horror! The Walking Corpse!

39. Mikagami Battles! Desperate Ice Sword!

40. Trap of the Evil Woman. The God of Wind is Furious!

41. Fight Again! Recca and Kurei

42. Battle of the Death! Until Life is Extinguished!